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Virtual interview tips to win any job

You came to know your interview date. You are excited but are you not nervous? “What will ask, what will happen if I can’t answer, how to prepare myself” -- hundreds of such questions are swirling in your mind.

Hmm, I understand. I can feel that. I used to feel the same way before the interview. But now I know the solution.

No worries, my dear. Great virtual interview tips are waiting for you that you have never thought of before in this way.

Virtual interview tips:

Copy my virtual interview tips, and you will see the unbelievable result.

Where are you focusing:

Are you focusing on yourself? Do you want your interviewer to like you? Are you placing your attention on what you want to get from the position? If your answer is yes, -- you’ll feel worried, nervous, and a lot of fear.

So, how to lessen your fear? Just pay attention to the interviewer’s needs and the organization’s goal.

This simple technique can lessen your interview fear. Do you know why it is possible?

Just because you have moved your attention to another external thing, it is essential to place your attention. It will determine how much fear you have.

It would be best to focus on the hiring manager and organization’s needs when interviewing (before and during). Try to show your experiences that match those needs.

Do not try to show your hiring manager that you are intelligent, great etc. All you need to do is focus on the company needs.

This way, you can avoid fear from an interview.

Embrace rejection:

Embrace rejection! Why? You may think, what type of virtual interview tips is this?

The truth is rejection is part of success. Successful people know rejection is unavoidable. Think of it this way: you may be the sweetest man in this world, but some people do not like sweet.

Yes, I know rejection can hurt you. The truth is it can be a possible outcome.
If you have a solid mindset to embrace interview rejection, you will not be worried about the interview rejection (before and during). Cheers!

Dress is important:

Imagine, today, you have to face an in-person interview. What kind of clothes would you wear then? Formal dress.

In the same way, you have to think in the case of a video interview. You have to get dressed as you would be for an in-person interview.

If you don’t, your hiring manager may get the wrong message about your interest in the role.

One more thing, please make sure your outfit looks good on camera.

Recheck your tech:

Dear reader,I have already given you three important virtual interview tips. I think you have found them essential.

Want to read more? Are these tips beneficial? Okay then, please keep reading.

Think, your video interview has been started. The hiring manager has asked you a question. You are going to answer. When you are answering, you see that your microphone is not working.

Think about the situation.

So, it is crucial to test your tech before any virtual interview. Make sure you can hear and be heard and see and be seen.

So, recheck your setup before any interview. You can talk with your friend using the same platform (for example, zoom) that the organization will use for rechecking your tech set up ahead of your interview.

Set up your frame:

Your background frame should be a room without a lot of distracting clutter. A blank wall can be an excellent decision for a background.

----- Choose a calm area for your interview.

----- Consider the natural light if possible. If not, then you can invest in ring light and place it behind the camera.

Remember, a decent setup helps to grow a positive impression in the interviewer’s mind.

Sitting distance:

Maintain a standard distance from your computer to your sitting chair. You may ask me how you will understand the standard distance.

Hmm, it’s a good question. But the answer is straightforward.

Set your chair at such a distance from your computer that you are not looking too huge or too tiny on your screen.

Please check that your shoulders and upper chest are visible and keep a bit of space on your computer screen above your head.

Eye contact:

Let’s imagine a scene. You are talking with a friend about an important matter. After a couple of minutes, you notice your friend is looking at your shoulders or somewhere else when talking with him.

How do you feel if it happens? You will assume he is not listening to you or not paying attention to the matters. A negative impression will grow.

The same will happen if you do so as a candidate during the interview. So, eye contact is a crucial part of the interview. The hiring manager will feel you are paying attention to him.

Yes, actual eye contact is not possible in the case of a video interview. I agree with that, but you can look at your interviewer’s face. This is enough to feel them you are listening or engaged with what they are saying.

Look at your camera in such a way during an interview that you do at the time of natural conversation. This is enough to show your seriousness to your employer.

Practice before a video interview:

One point I forgot to write in this article (virtual interview tips to win any job”). Guess what it can be? That is nothing but a rehearsal.

You may ask me, “Hey writer, is it a drama? Why do I need rehearsal before any interview?”

Not a wrong question, but yes, it’s a drama. An interviewer not only judge your knowledge related to the post but also your behavior, your conversation style, your posture and gesture and more.

How can your rehearsal be?

Your career coach or an expert can take your interview as like an actual interview. Record this practice and find out the problems (if any) when you will watch that record.

If you find, you look away from the camera often then solve it. If you find your posture is wrong, then make adjustments accordingly.

That’s how you can prepare yourself before the actual interview.

Digital handshake:

You may be not familiar with the word “digital handshake.” Before explaining, I need to say something.

In the in-person interview, it’s possible to meet with the interviewer physically and shake hands. You can make small talk.

But in the case of a video interview, this is not possible. So, try a digital handshake! I mean, say “hello” and add a smile. This small step helps a lot to make a connection and translates warmth and openness.

How you sound is vital:

You may be surprised after reading this point. Is it one of the virtual interview tips? Yes, my dear.

Maximum candidates are too much concerned with how they look in a video interview.

Yes, looking formal is essential, but they forget about how they sound. How fast you speak, pause, and voice tone—all these things need to be practiced. Always try to speak clearly, but keep it natural.

Join a couple of minutes early:

You know where your video interview will take place. Open that platform (Zoom, Google Meet etc.) 5 minutes beforehand.

There are hundreds of interview software to check your shot. Use any of those before you fully enter the meeting for an interview.


Dear reader, follow these virtual interview tips properly, and you will be far ahead of other candidates. Pay attention to your hiring manager’s needs, and grow a mentality to accept rejection. These two will help you to lessen your interview fear. Practice before the interview and record that practising video. If you need to improve anywhere, like posture, gesture etc., adjust accordingly. Recheck your hardware, such as microphone, camera, etc., and select a calm and quiet place for video interviews to avoid distraction.

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