Becoming an accessibility-focused developer

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Do you want to make more accessible apps, but aren't sure where to begin? Do you feel alone or unsupported by your org? This talk might be for you!

I recently gave this talk at my local React meet-up, and was due to be presenting it at other meet-ups this year but unfortunately that's all indefinitely postponed. So I decided to create my first YouTube talk.

Honestly it all felt way more unnatural than delivering the talk IRL, but I'm sharing anyway in the hope that it might help somebody.

This talk looks at what you as a developer can do now to start putting accessibility considerations at the heart of your code. We'll look at how to detect common issues, do some quick-win refactoring and how to learn by finding our mistakes in the browser.

If you prefer, you can view a transcript of the video

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Software developer based in Edinburgh, with particular experience in React and creating accessible web experiences.


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