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Set Expiry Time (TTL) for LocalStorage With Javascript

1.Storing Items with Expiry Time:
Let’s create a function that allows you to set a key in localStorage, and store the expiry time along with it:

 function setWithExpiry(key, value, ttl)
    const now = new Date()
    // `item` is an object which contains the original value
    // as well as the time when it's supposed to expire
    const item = {
        value: value,
        expiry: now.getTime() + ttl,
    }   localStorage.setItem(key, JSON.stringify(item))

2.Getting Items from Storage:
We can verify the expiry time while retrieving items from the store:

`function getWithExpiry (key) {

    const itemStr = localStorage.getItem(key)
    // if the item doesn't exist, return null
    if (!itemStr) {
        return null
    const item = JSON.parse(itemStr)
    const now = new Date()
    // compare the expiry time of the item with the current time
    if (now.getTime() > item.expiry) {
        // If the item is expired, delete the item from storage
        // and return null
        return null

    return item.value


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