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Who brought us here?

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I was reading an article for one class in my masters, and there it was, a whole section about who were some of the amazing human beings, that were the precursors of this amazing technology that some of us call computer sciences.

And I know you must be thinking that you know one thing or two but, consider it for a minute, we all know who are Steve Jobs and Bill Gates, even some of us who is Steve Wozniak, but have you heard about Grace Murray Copper, She thought that a programming language could be created, and using commands in English an engineer could build business applications (in that time that was a crazy idea), two years later we had the committee that designed COBOL, and that's not all she is the author of one of our favourites terms "debugging" in 1947.

And she is not alone in being one of those people who created something that we still use today, James Gosling invented in 1995 the Java programming language, which became popular during the last decade and allows thousands of developers create in an easier manner different kinds of applications also, Timothy "Tim" John Berners-Lee who in 1989 implemented the first successful client-server communication via the Internet using Hypertext Transfer Protocol (HTTP), that was our open door for the web as we know it.

Something that really captivates me is history and through it now I have some new appreciation and love for coding, next time that I'll be working I will be thinking about how amazing are all the tools that we have today that we take for granted, and all those incredible humans that made it happen.


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zabith rafeek

Thanks for the reminder on things we got granted.

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Thanks for your comment