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6 major innovations to enhance mobile app development in 2020

Mobile apps are the most usual thing to expect in today’s tech-savvy world. As the on-demand economy started soaring, there was a surge in the app market that has continued its run. Last year, app markets produced revenues close to $461.7 billion and will continue to grow up to $935 billion by 2023.

app market revenue stats

"In mobile, there's a big premium on creating single-purpose first-class experiences,"- Mark Zuckerberg, CEO Facebook.

As Zuckerberg stated above, mobile app development has offered businesses that premium tools to cater to excellent user experiences. With major innovations in the fields of Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning algorithms, the mobile app development paradigm is set to see a drastic shift.

Let us discover six such innovations that will shape the future of mobile app development.

  1. Intelligent Apps:

Intelligent Apps

Intelligent apps are the next evolution of mobile app development. Think about an app that can generate automated responses, predicting the behavioral patterns, user’s data and context. These responses are delivered using NLP(Natural Language Processing) to deliver human-like natural conversations.

With innovations in the neural engine technologies, integration of training modules to train algorithms for data capture, process and respond to the user’s queries have become relatively easy.

Have you ever wondered why you would always choose the TV series recommended by machine learning algorithms of Netflix or prefer a product recommendation of Amazon? They know what you prefer and recommend the same.

How do they do that?

Every algorithm can be trained in three simple ways:

Supervised Learning: The algorithm is taught through data sets and human mentoring!

Unsupervised Learning: The self-learning module helps algorithms to learn by itself through datasets and patterns without human intervention.

Reinforced Learning: This is a kind of trial and error learning, where the algorithm is taught to respond to queries by learning responses, patterns and data sets about certain scenarios.

  1. Voice bots:

Voice bots

A personalized bot to talk to! Not a fantasy anymore, most companies are transforming their app ideas into reality through such state-of-the-art technologies now.

And this has also revamped the e-commerce economy to create more business opportunities. 2019 saw shipments of voice bot-based smart IoT(Internet of Things) devices over 1.1 billion and with a growth rate of year over year of 25%, it will cross 2.5 billion shipments by 2023.

Whether it is Alexa, Siri or Cortana, voice bots have been phenomenal, as far as business conversion is concerned. They have expanded the e-commerce paradigm and created a new economic gig- “Voice Commerce”.

  1. New reality:

new reality

We are all familiar with Augmented Reality(AR) and Virtual Reality(VR). Technologies as these have started to revolutionize the businesses on the whole and when a technology startup MojoVision announced the development of an AR lens that will directly fit into your eye, it was future, right there!

Video Source:

Here, as you can see Michael Wiemmer, the CFO of MojoVision, giving us a brief about how his team has been working on an AR contact lens for almost four and a half years and succeeded to create a prototype with word’s smallest microdisplay.

AR-VR market stats

With such innovations in AR wearables and devices, we can expect it to be the new reality of mobile app development. The AR/VR market is set to reach $18.8 billion by 2020. As the market has already seen a surge in AR-related technologies for mobile apps and its integration, it will help businesses provide rich UX(User Experience)!

  1. At Your Service:

At Your Service

Brands and businesses spend a huge amount on after-sales services. This expenditure can be reduced through the usage of AI technologies. Chatbots have already revolutionized many customer support services, especially in the financial and banking sectors.

With app developed integrating such AI technologies can certainly, transform the customer support paradigm. When Bank of America introduced Erica, in June 2018, none would have expected, that Erica would complete more than 50 million service requests successfully.

Video Source:

As you can see above, customers can use the voice assistant integrated into their app to not only transact but, even for banking services like unblocking a debit card. Such revolutionary technologies will certainly boost mobile apps and the integration of chatbots in it.

  1. The Fifth Horseman:

The Fifth Horseman

The fifth horseman of networks has already arrived with 5G. The new generation network capability will boost mobile app development and create greater UX! We have already seen network giants in the US like Verizon, providing 5G capabilities in certain areas.


In 2016, almost all the businesses depending on the smartphone apps and other services for revenues saw a decline in Average Revenue Per User(ARPU), which never got the boost required through LTE-based mobile apps. But, with 5G set to replace 4G in many demographic regions, it will increase the overall ARPUs.

  1. Automated Testing:

Automated Testing

With the increase in the number of mobile OS and smartphones in the market, testing the apps with real physical devices has become a time-consuming and costly affair.

RPA(Robotic Process Automation) testing has changed the testing of apps forever. Such systems provide excellent virtual environments to test functionality, response to users and system interaction of mobile apps.

Automated testing can improve app-performances with all the required integrations of user feedback and necessary changes in the app features with successive iterations.

Signing Off:

Mobile applications have been an integral part of many businesses over the years and as long as there is a need for faster and richer user experiences for companies, apps are there to rule!

The new trend of real-time responsive and reactive apps has already made its mark among conventional native apps. Such trends need technological innovations to nurture mobile app’s performance that can provide excellent UX!

If you are a startup or an established business, you will need intelligent apps with features like voice assistants, speech recognition, facial recognition and many such to reach your consumers and personalize your services for them. So, tap into some innovations for your mobile app development and make the world more exciting!

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