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How dead code spring up during development

Dead code is code that is never run, that can never be reached.
Some manifestations of dead code include:

  • Functions that are never called
  • Variables that are written but never read
  • Parameters passed to an internal method that are never used
  • Enums, structs, classes, or interfaces that are never used
  • Features removed from an application's user interface, but the backend support code is left in.
  • Wizard-generated UI code that inserts hooks that are frequently never used.

Take Away

  • Remove dead code wherever possible. It gets in the way and slows you down.
  • It is safe to remove code that you might need in the future. You can always get it back from version control.
  • Code cleanup should always be made in separate commits to functional changes.
  • Dead code happens in even the best codebases. Tell your code to get a life, or get lost.

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