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Sir can you provide the full road map for python because I want to learn it. Like from where did you refer or learn all those topics which are discussed above? Thanks for this article.


Hi Sahaj,

Well, it is important to have an idea of what you want to do with the language, I want, for example learn Data Science, Machine Learning and AI, so I tend to look for all these topics, but of course you can just learn to language and later decide where you want to apply it. There are steps and concepts to learn in the beginning, I would list as:

  • Variables
  • Conditionals
  • For loops
  • While loops
  • Object oriented programming

There is a great book called 'Think Python' start with this book. It will help a lot. ( - copy and paste the link on the browser.
You can also take a look at:

I will create a post in the future about this road map, and I will let you know.

Also check this out :


If you've already got some programming background, I would encourage you to look through the tutorial included in the official documentation. It actually does a pretty good job of covering the basics of the language itself in a way that's pretty easy to understand.


Totally agree. It can be little confusing without any background, but if one knows something, it is the best source of learning material

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