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How to Watch a Coding Tutorial ? [BEGINNERS GUIDE]

Tutorials are everywhere! Most people start watching tutorials when they start coding or learning a new programming language. There is nothing wrong with watching tutorials. But you should know how to do that in a right way.


When you are watching tutorials, focus on the video thoroughly. Don't sit and watch that as another entertainment video. If you don't get what the lecturer has explained, re-watch it until you get the idea. Try to understand the concepts.

Stop watching tutorials like a tv series. If you have completed one chapter and if you feel that you have understood all the concepts there, stop continuing watching the other chapters.

Did You Learn?

Only watching a 10-hour course on React JS doesn't mean that you know React JS. What would be your answer after one month, If you ask yourself, do you know React JS ? You may know the basic syntax of React JS. But you’ve never actually learned how to solve a particular problem with that.

Give more priority to short courses ?

If you have already learned the fundamentals of programming I suggest you watch “Crash Courses” or “Short courses” when you want to learn a new programming language or tech stack. Easily you can get the basic idea of the new stack/language with those “Crash Courses”.


Many people who are learning coding or programming languages are stuck for Tutorial Purgatory.

‘Tutorial Purgatory’ is where you try to learn a skill by going from tutorials, videos , lectures, etc. You are feeling like you are learning. But you aren't because you are stuck when you ask to apply what you’ve learned.

Build Build Build

Spend more time applying the knowledge that you have gained from tutorials. That is the most valuable part.

Don't build the same thing that you have seen in tutorials. Try to develop simple projects first. Get your hands dirty with coding.


You may get many errors while implementing things, you may demotivate. But don't give up!

It's worth building a simple app than watching 100 tutorials.

At one stage you will improve your skills and you will be able to apply the knowledge you gained from tutorials quickly.

Hope this will be helpful to new developers who are trying to learn programming.

Welcome your suggestions and ideas :)

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