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E-Ledger (Digitised Transaction Records)


I developed a ELedger (Online Transaction Data Book) with Java, MariaDB, Angular.
Our Aim with the simple, robust, and paperless model of eLedger is to bring about a complete change in the way small and medium businesses function. No more do they have to rely on hand-written diaries or paper-based account books for keeping track of their transactional operations. Instead, they can simply digitize their financial records and view all relevant data about their outstanding balance — anytime, anywhere. Basically, it will help to reduce burden of maintaining and accounting paper books.

Demo Link

Link to Code

DataBase Link :
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UI Link:
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How I built it (what's the stack? did I run into issues or discover something new along the way?)

Connected a MariaDB docker image and developed the Database using Java Language. The complete backend was built as a Spring Application.
For the Front-end part, I used Angular and used Virtual studio code for development.

Additional Thoughts / Feelings / Stories

Learnt a lot of new things. Sometimes a problem took even two days while some work was done in minutes.
I find myself more active and capable for the Industrial work with my project, knowledge and experience I have gained.

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