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Become a MERN stack developer

This post was originally written for my website <- Please check it out.

The goal of this website is to make learning web development easy for everyone. One of the hottest web development stacks these days is the MERN stack – MongoDB, Express , ReactJS and NodeJS. I myself work on the same stack professionally. So, here is a list of 5 resources that can help you become a MERN stack developer.

MongoDb – The Complete Developer’s Guide
Easily one of the best places you can learn about MongoDB. This course teaches you all the ways you can write queries in MongoDB, how mongo works under the hood and even a bit of deploying and managing database servers. A one stop shop for learning everything about MongoDB there is to learn.

The complete Node.js Developer Course
A very very comprehensive and long (40 hours) course that teaches you all that is to learn about NodeJS and express on your way to creating Express APIs and making web applications on Node. The course might be a little long but by the end of it, things do get stuck to your head.

Modern React with Redux
One of the earliest courses that I ever took on React by Stephen Grider who explains everything diagrammatically which is a big plus at least for me. You will build 3-4 react applications using different techniques and methods and will have a good grasp of ReactJS by the end of it.

Advanced CSS and SASS
My senior always said to me – “Never underestimate CSS” and for a long time I did not listen to him which was so wrong of me. The importance of CSS cannot be undermined in web development and to call yourself a full-stack developer you must learn CSS and this is a superb course to do that !

Zero To Mastery 2020
Now that you have mastered all the different things separately I hope this course won’t be difficult for you to go through. This will combine all the different MERN stack technologies and you will learn how to create production ready web applications in this course.

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