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Great Christmas Gift Ideas for Designers and Developers

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Finding the perfect gift for a designer or developer friend is a h̶a̶r̶d̶ impossible job so I asked a few of them for their perfect gift ideas. I got some great recommendations, some of which were affordable and realistic and others were amazing but super expensive. (For some money might not be a concern so I have included those as well.)

Paper Trophy

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These are paper animals designs that you have to assemble, so if your mates love crafts and such these might be a thoughtful gift. I think it's a bit pricey for what it is but boy do they look amazing.

Moleskine Notebooks

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Moleskine Notebooks are like an obligatory item in this list, it's as if no designer gift list is complete without adding these in there. It would make a great gift for designers who would like to sketch on the go. Along with the traditional notebooks, they also offer smart notebooks that can transfer your pen-and-ink scribbles to your digital device. An alternate option is a notebook from Fields Notes.

CSS Puns

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This is my side project, it is a bunch of CSS puns each with its own T-shirts, mugs, phone cases and posters. There might be something special in there for your mates.

Leaf Ties

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Cables running all over the place? This will be a welcome gift for them, it's nothing fancy but a prettier version of the cable tie to the cable spaghetti problem.

Dev Stickers

Laptop stickers are the tech equivalent of prison tattoos. Putting stickers on laptops are a way of showing off a part of our personality to the world. In a lot of cases, SAAS businesses will send em to you when you or hand em out in conferences but if you want to buy some there is a place for that.

Subscription to Design Magazines

There are some great design magazines out there and perhaps a subscription to one of those for a few months might be a very useful gift for them? Here are a few for your consideration: Eye, Harvard Design Magazine, IDEA Mag, etc

Pantone Postcards

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If your friend is the kind of person who is still into snail mail and sending out postcards then this might be just what they wanted for Christmas. A box of Pantone Post Cards.

Popup Lighting

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These come in the cheaper cardboard or the more expensive plastic or the most expensive aluminium cut and offer a few different choices like the deer head, owl, peacock or cacti. They are certainly a conversation starter in any room and perhaps will be worth the money for that special friend.

Hopefully, I have given you all a few gift ideas or inspirations. Drop a comment below and let me know what was the best design/development related gift you ever received.

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