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re: if you're tired of giant storyboards, you can try using .xib instead. Alternatively you can make your views programatically.

I agree with what @maurandk said. Using Storyboards is indeed a pain in the ass for several reasons like merge conflicts and slow loading but switching entirely to code to create your views is like going to another extreme end of the spectrum. Instead, XIB's would have been a better solution. The interface is important as it allows new people joining your team easily visualize how the view looks. Also, copy pasting the code to the playground just to see what the view looks like is a bit of a tedious process. Don't get me wrong the article is great, for I didn't know you could do that with playground but that doesn't justify moving entirely to code.

Also i would like to point out that in case of overlapping views you can see all the views at a certain position by shift+right click

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