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How To Comeback ! for coding After A Long Break?

Hi !
It Do Happens to the most of us. If we take a break from programming then things gets pretty difficult for us.

1 took a One Month Gap from programming due to College Exams and Health Issues. Yesterday I wasn’t be able to solve a direct Binary Search Problem on Leetcode 😦

Even the experts 😛 recommend us , that coding is like a sporting practice which we must do everyday. If we miss out someday then our overall performance would get affected.

> Now… How To Comeback! for coding After A Long Break?

  1. Rule #1- Give yourself 1 complete day for revising your completed topics. Making the Notes is a good practice. Even I make notes 😝 they are the bunch of good DSA problems which kickstarts my brain functionality. ( give yourself 3-4 hours)

  2. Rule #2- Start from the easy problems, so that you can get adapted to the pace. Also it will boost your morale. ( give yourself 1 complete Day)

  3. Rules #3 Don’t Go Too Slow in solving the questions- It will cause trouble 😵‍💫
    instead watch video solutions , it will click your remembrance

After day-2 You will feel confident in coding , and BOOM! 💥 you have made a comeback.
You Can again Start from the topic , where you left before the break.

Comment me your opinions ! I daily check my comment box 🥲

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utkarsh736 profile image

I took an unintended 4-day break from my project,
Guess what is exactly I needed to read right now.

sakshamceo profile image
Saksham Garg

Taking a 4-day break isn't a very strenuous task.
All you need to revise is the concepts which you included in your project.
Start from scratch !
Just follow this simple exercise:-
1) Read the project Thoroughly ( Including every Function, Parameter, Library files included etc)
2) Again Go through the Aim and Source where you referred during the making of your project.
3) Reverse Engineering is the last step - So that you could make yourself feel adapted.

It will take a day or so with no progress just to remember how the whole system fits together. Once your past this stage things become a lot easier.
coding looks tough when you see it for the first time but becomes easier and fun as it continues and programming must be learnt properly with full involvement...

All the Best !

utkarsh736 profile image

Thanks for the advice Saksham,
Will definitely try to apply those,
After browsing through here, would take an half-hour break and then get back at the project 👍.
Thanks again.

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sakshamceo profile image
Saksham Garg

Yes indeed!
Things seems hard but once you start it and "take involvement in learning"
things becomes easier

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utkarsh736 profile image

Just an update, I got back into it 👍

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sakshamceo profile image
Saksham Garg • Edited

Congratulations 🥳! You did it
Now make a time table accordingly
And gradually increase your involvement

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