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Saksham Garg
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How to Manage Coding Consistency?

Hi , Welcome Again!

It All Started....Few days back
When I felt that I am losing my consistency.

At some point when you realize that you are declining in your performance.

  1. You Procrastinate
  2. Admire for a long break from things.
  3. Taking breaks too often.

Always remember this quote from Bruce Lee- I fear not the man who has practiced 10,000 kicks once, but I fear the man who has practiced one kick 10,000 times..
Its very very necessary to HAVE CONSISTENCY. Without consistency - No EXAM , No Code , No Work can be achieved.

How to Work Consistently?

Now the questions arises- How to Work Consistently?
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Remember, Whenever you start feeling any of the above indications-
start analyzing what could be the most defensible reasons for such decline?

  1. Saturation Point? - Either you are doing the same thing for a much longer period.
  2. Working without any progress?
  3. Taking no day off? 4.** Not spending adequate time on managing time**?
  4. Toxic peers?
  5. Not accomplishing targets?

Your body needs a balance to work efficiently. Plan Your day in such a way that it contains, sufficient time for joy, and health activities - despite of hectic schedule. You must allocate a holiday once in a week for yourself.

Make daily short achievable goals, don't plan for a month in advance. Complete those Goals - strikethrough the completed task in your diary

Create your own environment, Add the people who have same mentality like you, they should be motivated and focused.

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