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Good Mentality and Patience needed in Tech Career.

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How you started your career on tech? how you then change your mentality and how you keep growing?

According to me whatever the reason may be for looking career in Tech but the most matter is how you have made and prepared your mentality.
It is true when you are in initial period of your development your will face lots of problem and even sometimes you may get exhausted and lost. You will think to change your decision.
But if you make your mentality that I will be a good coder and regularly start practicing and thinking logically. You will start seeing changes on you. You will start enjoying your work and feel happy.This happens to me and the day started changing for me.
I would like to suggest to every fresher not to get afraid but to think that no body knows everything. Everybody starts its career in tech from printing "Hello World".
So one day he will also reach to its highest place, just he need to keep good mentality and keep on learning.

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Yeah very true, lately I become very lazy for code, I used to pass a very lot of time behind my pc, but right now it boring a some, but I try to have discipline, and keep going, sometimes is very boring, but when anything that you did, see how works, you feel a lot of satisfaction and happiness ....so animus, never give up, keep trying...lol


Yeah, Sometimes when things does not happen according to us, we really feel bored.
But at the same time when we see the code I have written is really bringing some change and working as per requirement, that satisfaction and happiness is uncountable and that gives power to keep trying.


"Without inner peace there will be no outer peace." Buddhist saying


I strongly agree with you. Inner peace is must.