What do you do at the end of the workday?

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As a Software Engineer what do you do at the end of the day?
I want to start writing a summary about what I worked to document what I did well and what I can improve on such as responding to emails, communicating ideas, getting into the zone, etc...

Do any of you have end-of-day habits/rituals that made you better at your craft?

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When I'm wrapping up my day at work, I usually open my my note-taking app, Joplin, and dump any thoughts I have about what I'm doing or what I need to do tomorrow. I paste into the note the URLs of any tabs I have open that I'll want to look at tomorrow, and then I close my browser window. I prefer to start fresh the next day.


Thanks for the info!! I did not know that Joplin existed. I usually take my notes on VS Code in Markdown format.

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