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Salman Shaikh
Salman Shaikh

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Unofficial Fiverr API: New way to get your Fiverr Data

Hello all,

I'm a freelancer on Fiverr and a Python Developer. Recently, I thought about integrating Fiverr reviews on my portfolio.

I started digging for an official or already existing API that I can use to fetch and show them on my portfolio. But I didn't find any, so I took this opportunity to build one.

Presenting Unofficial Fiverr API 🎉


  • Get seller details 🙋‍♂️
  • Get seller gigs details 💼
  • Get seller reviews 🌟
    • Group by buyers
    • Filter by Impression
    • Sort by time or relevance
    • Limit no. of reviews(added in v1.2)

It's built with Python FastAPI and hosted on Vercel.

Now you can integrate your Fiverr reviews into your portfolios or anywhere.

API Documentation

Source code

Checkout my other projects

Top comments (6)

ciaranjmcg0v profile image
Ciaran McGovern

Can confirm this works!
Just used it to check my live gigs and it does exactly as described.
Nice one!

seabastion profile image
Seb G

Hi, What other major freelancer sites can this be done for? Thank you

salmannotkhan profile image
Salman Shaikh Author

Any site. as long as it's not protected by cloudflare enhanced protection or 2 step verification

beingblueprint profile image

Hello, Great code!

Do you have a extension to this were it could pull the messages from inbox so can check who has been contacted and how many messages sent / recieved?

salmannotkhan profile image
Salman Shaikh Author

Fiverr has upgraded their cloudflare protection. So the api is currently down. Trying to bypass enhanced protection

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