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Shubham Samrat
Shubham Samrat

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MY First Hacktober FEST Experience

What I Learned From Hacktoberfest

This was my first ever Hacktoberfest participation, I heard it from a youtube channel Code with Harry in which he explained to us about this Fest and how to participate and the rules of this Fest, so I thought to try my best and started contributing in the open-source projects especially in C and C++. People can work on any project and in any language. Remember that it is not about any fest, it is all about contributing to the open-source community and Hacktoberfest is a great place because it not only recognizes your effort but also rewards you for it. Especially the swags given by this platform motivates people to contribute to the Open-Source projects. Hats OFF to the community that is conducting these types of Fest and focusing on the Open Source Development.

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