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Conditional rendering in React

Real quick, I have two components I want to render(show) based on the role of login status, if it's an admin then I want to display the admin UI or else if it's a user, display the user UI.
How do I do this?

Hello my dear reader, welcome to today's post where I'll be teaching the tricks and tips to solve the problem above. Enjoy you stay reading the post 📯.

When you have components you want to conditionally render, React has a way of helping you achieve that. Let's see it in action.

Let's use the problem above as an example. Say we have Admin & User components.

  return ({user && user.role === 
   "Admin" ? <Admin /> : <User />})
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So what's going on here. If a user is logged in, he's either having a role of User or Admin. Now we checked if there's a user, if there's one, check for the role and display the corresponding UI.

What about a situation where it's just a component you want to render?
Let's take a scenario where you want to display an error if password attempt's more than 3 times.

Simply do this in your return block:
Assume you have a variable called attempt holding the number of times the user tried logging in, and a component called ErrorToast that will display the error.

return({attempt >= 3 ? <ErrorToast /> : null})
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Here we are saying if the attempt is 3 times already, display the error if not, do nothing.

Or the easier way

return({attempt >= 3 && <ErrorToast />})
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And that's all for now.
If you did learn something, kindly share and give it a like 😉

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