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Sam Piggott
Sam Piggott

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Building TikTok's record button using Framer Motion & React


The TikTok record button is a deceivingly complicated UI element with some interesting moving parts, so I thought it would be perfect for a tutorial. In the guide above, we'll build a fully animated record button using nothing but React, Framer Motion (a fantastic animation library), and TypeScript.

Project Files

All the project files are available to download and use yourself over on my website,



Thanks for watching - any and all feedback is greatly appreciated, and please share it around if you think it'll be useful to anybody else. If you're interested in learning more, I've got loads more video and written content over on my website,

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Seif El Deen Khaled

That is so cool, thank you for sharing!

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Sam Piggott

No worries! Let me know if you manage to build anything from it, I'd love to see it :)