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⚡️ Full TypeScript Beginner's Course [Free!]

CodeSnap Intro

Over lockdown, I wrote, shot and edited a full TypeScript course for my website, CodeSnap.

It's been designed for JavaScript developers who want to learn TypeScript in a way which they're already familiar with.

The best thing is - it's totally free!

Watch the full course here!


  • ⏰ Full 2 hour course
  • ✅ Everything you need to know to get started with TypeScript
  • 📹 16 videos (each around 8-10 minutes long)

All Chapters

Introduction & Setup

Chapter 1: What is TypeScript?
Chapter 2: Welcome to the course!
Chapter 3: Setting up our environment (TypeScript, ESLint and Prettier)

Getting Started

Chapter 4: Basic Types (strings, numbers etc)
Chapter 5: Type Inference
Chapter 6: Union Types
Chapter 7: Arrays & Tuples
Chapter 8: Any & Unknown
Chapter 9: Undefined & Null
Chapter 10: Enums
Chapter 11: Interfaces
Chapter 12: Functions
Chapter 13: Literal Types

Writing a mini project with everything we've learned

Chapter 14: Writing an application in TypeScript - Part 1
Chapter 15: Writing an application in TypeScript - Part 2
Chapter 16: Writing an application in TypeScript - Part 3


I loved making this course, but it took bloody ages to put together...!

If you want to support me, and encourage me to make more videos & courses like this, I'd love it if you could sign up to the email list. It gives me a bit more guidance to see the amount of people interested in the content, and keeps me motivated to make more!


Thanks for watching - any and all feedback is greatly appreciated, and please share it around if you think it'll be useful to anybody else.

Top comments (13)

krrishdhaneja profile image
Krrish Dhaneja

Thanks to you!!!

klajdi44 profile image
Klajdi Ajdini

I just started watching it, Really high quality so far, thanks for making it free

sam_piggott profile image
Sam Piggott

Soooo pleased to hear that you're enjoying it, Klajdi! Let me know if there's anything I can improve on, and best of luck with the rest of the course :)

arvindpdmn profile image
Arvind Padmanabhan

Outline looks good. It might be worth pointing out JS to TS migration. Useful ref for this is

samuelojes profile image

Thanks alot man.

sam_piggott profile image
Sam Piggott

Thank you so much for the kind words! Can't wait to see what you make :)

cprz21 profile image

Thanks a lot Sam, I really liked all this course 😄, it helped me a lot!

sam_piggott profile image
Sam Piggott

So stoked to hear it was useful :)

gustavohd18 profile image
Gustavo Duarte


heymich profile image
Michael Hungbo

Thanks for making it free!

sam_piggott profile image
Sam Piggott

No worries! Let me know how you get on with it :)

nazarsecrets profile image

Thank you for making this course free! 🎉

drownie profile image