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Modern Smart Phone, A Helpful Gadget Or An Anti-Social Maker

Smartphones are the most important invention and considered a helpful gadget because they allow you to connect to people from around the world. Smartphones have radically changed the way people work, socialize, organize, and get entertainment. 

This compact device allows you to communicate with your family and loved ones, store data for you, like contacts, photos, credit card details, memorable dates, videos, etc. Smartphones have outweighed the paper flash drives and carrying a bunch of notes. 

Estimation shows that the US, along with China and India, are the countries with the highest number of smartphone users, each crossing 100 million user mark.

But with the growing users and addiction to this invention, people believe that our lives are becoming anti-social, just because people spend more time looking at the screen than interacting face-to-face. 


Pros and Cons of Android Smart Phones & Their Impact on Social Life

Our world has become addicted to smartphones; wherever you see, you see people using smartphones for a lot of stranger purposes. Let's discuss some of the positive and negative impacts of android smartphones on our social lives.

Pros of Android Smartphones in Social Life

Here are the top seven advantages of using android smartphones in social life:

  1. Smartphones are integrally used in every company and household for internal and external communications. Business communication has become more comfortable using this technology, and business communities can connect socially.
  2. Android App Market has thousands of free applications that you can install on your android phone. It merely gives you a feeling that you are in the Android World; with these user-friendly applications, you can connect with your loved ones.
  3. Working long hours in the office can be hectic, and sometimes all you need is to socialize with your friends. Using your smartphone, you can connect with your friends and go to a spot to get yourself refresh. So smartphones do work in our life by joining us socially.
  4. Smartphone erases the boredom from many people's lives. With Android smartphones, you can use multiple applications simultaneously, which gives you the option to talk, play, or even listen to songs.  
  5. One of the critical impacts on our social life is that you can capture memories of your significant events and functions. Android high-grade smartphones have a tremendous and high-feature camera so you can capture the moments and recreate them later.
  6. Learning and career growth have also been made super easy.  With different on-phone applications and software, you can learn through various platforms, like articles, videos, blogs, eBooks, podcasts, etc.
  7. Who doesn't want to feel special and more learned in a group or a society? With your smartphones, you can easily make it possible. Everything is available on the internet, and it depends on where your interest lies, go and search where your interests take you and make the most of it.

Cons Of Android Smartphones In Social Life

Here are five negative effects of using android smartphones on social life:

  1. The top effect that smartphones are doing in our lives is altering and affecting our sleep routines. The addiction has become so severe that people are using their smartphones most of the time, which makes people frustrated and angrier.
  2. Relationships are being significantly affected, even in social gatherings, people are found using their smartphones instead of talking to each other.
  3. Parents who tend to this addictiveness of using smartphones are creating emotional neglect, which lacks proper parenting. Thus your child feels neglected, and their social life becomes miserable.
  4. Social media has become super accessible with smartphones, and people on social media sites are anticipating more likes and comments. If somehow someone doesn't comment, this creates a social gap.
  5. Researches are being carried out every minute and hour. With excessive use of smartphones, you are encouraging mental laziness. Smartphone use can slow down your thinking and creative process, which is another added impact on society.

How is Android Helping Latest Technology?

Android development is quite promising as every year, new and latest technologies are being introduced. It has been impressive for both the users and developers, and people are likely to be inclined to switch to android.

There are plenty of latest technologies that android is bringing to its users every year. Some of the technologies include;

  1. On-demand application
  2. Multiplatform development
  3. Instant applications
  4. Chatbots
  5. Android Jetpack
  6. Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning

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In conclusion, it could be said after discussing that the decision is yours, you must know how to control your device and don't let your device control you.

Social life is getting benefits from the smartphones, and there are thousands of it, but the drawbacks are followed by, don't let yourself fall in the pitfall.

Use your smartphone for productivity, and yes, it will surely be a helpful gadget.

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