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Increase typing speed

Today I will share some tips for increasing typing speed and also some websites for different level of typing speeds.


  1. First things first DON'T look at the keyboard. Just don't. Cause you can never accelerate your typing speed if you type looking at the keyboard.

  2. Know where the keys are by heart. You need to know it so well that even when you're not focused on typing and thinking something else your hands type by themselves. Don't worry it will come with practice.

  3. Practice Practice Practice. There's no other way to be fast at typing other than practice.

  4. Use Ctrl + backspace. Whenever you need to delete more than one-two letter use Ctrl + backspace. Though it will take some time to get used to it. But once you get used to it you'll type much faster.

Best Places to Learn Typing:

For WPM 0-20: Use This is the most beginner friendly typing practice site I've found. They will show you where your hands are, guide you letter by letter and improves all letters' typing ability equally. Also it feels like a game so you might get addicted to typing practice.

For WPM 20-50: Use 10fastfingers. This is one of the classic typing practice sites. You can see what letters you've wrote incorrect and practice those letters frequently.

For WPM 50-∞: Use monkeytype. Okay, this is my favorite one. It has smooth caret animation, different themes and many other customization options. Also you can flex your typing skill with this site. It has your typing states organized in a nice way and overall the best typing practice site in my opinion.

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