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A priceless gift: feedback

Listening may appear to be a simple act, but it is frequently more complicated and crucial than many people believe.

Effective communication allows us to gain a deeper understanding of people and situations. Effective communication skills are essential for building a successful career.
Thanks to Mr. Hans, who showed us that feedbacks are gifts rather than threats, despite the fact that many people perceive them as such. He said that they should be one of the ways to help colleagues improve and progress in their area, as well as as human beings.

Before Git, a well-known version control system, there was no such thing as version control system (VCS), therefore developers had to carry their source codes around on hard drives or other storage devices and distribute them over email, which was difficult, stressful, and insecure.

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Git effectively takes a snapshot of all your files at the time and preserves a reference to it, which is used to maintain the source code of software projects by a huge number of start-ups, collectives, and multinationals around the world, including Google and Microsoft.

When working on personal projects, it is not difficult for a newbie with a Linux background to understand Git.
The most serious issues come while working as a team on shared repositories while keeping each individual's contribution distinct.
Thanks to Mr. Yannick, CTO at Awesomity Lab, I expanded my understanding of git on a shared repo while working on pull requests for code acceptance, several product releases, and outstanding product documentation.

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In a competitive business environment with increasing client demands, companies aim to quickly offer reliable software products to the market, as well as continuously improve them, which is one of the reasons they use DevOps services and apply DevOps for project development.

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DevOps attempts to improve software development, testing, deployment, administration, and maintenance processes by streamlining, speeding them up, and increasing predictability, scalability, flexibility, and website security.
Understanding pipelines and being able to automate code integrations, as well as establishing pipelines for the deployment of software systems, is tough for a developer at first, but once they comprehend the notion, it takes a significant burden off their shoulders.

On the whole, standards for following during the development of a software project should be created ahead of time. To make it easier to maintain or add new features to software, it should include clear and easy-to-understand documentation.

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