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Post planning: how do you do it?

I tend to jot thoughts down in Evernote whenever they come to me. Just bullet points, nothing fancy.

How do you do it? 😀

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Michael Born

I use Google Keep. I usually start a new note with #blog so Keep tags it as a blog note and makes my notes easily searchable. I always write in Markdown, so it's easy to drop in to my code editor or a markdown-to-html convertor. At some point Google Keep started converting * to literal bullet points, which I'm not a huge fan of, but whatever.

Here's an old one I wrote a year or two ago. (Man, I should publish this!)

#blog idea: Modernizing a Legacy CMS

I've "inherited" this legacy codebase.

To refactor, I took a lot of tips from this video:

I eventually developed a plan of action
Phase One: Infrastructure
• ‎create a one-step dev server install script
• ‎utilize a CI server - Bitbucket Pipelines
• ‎develop a database migration strategy

Phase Two: Minor modifications
• ‎Write tests - testbox
• ‎remove cruft - tons of old, unused code
• move "inline" cfquery tags to CFC
• fix SQL injection by updating custom ORM
• ‎organize all admin files under /manage
• ‎delete all jQuery / bootstrap plugins, link to CDN

Phase Three: Major Modifications
• Convert all data-related queries to ORM.
• ‎Move all frontend to theme/default
• ‎Convert every zone to a "content type"
• ‎Grunt all the assets

Phase Four: Huge "Bees Knees" Features
• Plugins
• ‎Template Engine
• ‎Themes
• ‎Media Uploader

Hmm. Maybe I just did publish this. :)