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I've created the online tools platform

So, as many other developers, I've many tools to be used daily, such as JSON Viewer or hashing strings :)

My list of daily used tools is growing with some limitation on some tools online, as a result, I've decided to build my own tool and share it with the community.

After a few days of work, I've launched the initial version of intending to provide more than 100 useful tools for different use cases.

Since then I'm adding tools every week, for instance, the most recent tool was the OCR Tools, Mac address Lookup tool, and website DNS checker tool.

I thought it would be better to get dev. community feedback on what has been done, and what should be done next to make this platform more convenient and easier to use.

So please let me know your thoughts :)

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Tobias Nickel

I always get a little shock when I see one of my colleagues past our json data into some online formatter. who knows what that page is storing behind the scene. When the chrome dev tools are very good to explore some nested json objects.

On my personal website I also wanted to add some more tools. but only got two so far.

fast-xml-parser online, that is basically a playground for my xml parser lib.

And Json to jsDoc types, when you reiceive some json to get a typedefinition. But there are other better online tools today for this. and also with typescript (what would be easy to add.).