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How to market a dating app in 2020

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The audience of dating apps is growing every day: more and more people are looking for a couple not in real life, but in virtual life. Dating services are becoming more reliable and safer and are gaining immense popularity among all age groups around the world. The wide variety of apps can be confusing for a newbie who is just diving into the world of online dating with the help of modern technology. Many top charts describe the advantages and disadvantages of various popular online dating apps. But everyone does choose for themselves the most beautiful girl or guy. And if you don't know where to look for them, we will tell you. In USA!

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Moving away from the topic of beauty and ideals, today we would like to devote our article to how you can market online dating apps in 2020. Any useful, beautiful and convenient mobile online dating application will be a waste of developers' time if it is not effectively promoted. The coverage of the target audience and its expectations, the use of the marketing budget and, ultimately, the final result of the project itself will depend on the correctly chosen tactics and strategy. Today we will share with you several types of online dating services like “single women near me” promotions suitable for online dating applications.

Advertising mobile app in social networks

Advertising an application for online dating on Facebook, Instagram or any other social network - these are only excellent choices, and also the easiest way to advertise an application and at the same time monitor the effectiveness of advertising campaigns, since even an inexperienced marketer can do this with their help ... A couple of tips:

  • When working with social media, it's best to use the App Install (Pay Per Impression) bid strategy. This will optimize your bid to increase the number of mobile app installs.
  • You can pay for each ad impression. This strategy works better than paying solely for installations, as this is the only way you can understand how much you are willing to pay for one installation and set the maximum threshold.
  • Another nice bonus. To create an advertisement for your application, you will first need to create a page with this application on the social network, since the advertisement will be placed on its behalf and thereby indirectly you promote not only applications but also a page on social networks, so more people will know about you ...
  • The good news is that such ads can start working with even the smallest budget starting at $ 5 per campaign. Of course, you won't achieve great results with such a sum, but there is an opportunity to launch advertising)

This method is especially good, since there is no doubt that almost every potential user of your application spends time on social networks, absorbing the information provided there. Therefore, such a tool has a huge percentage of efficiency.

Indoor advertising

This option is the most common for many applications. It involves placing videos or banners inside other resources. Users of games, messengers, media players will be able to receive notifications about new offers during download, transitions between levels and other pauses of internal gaming activities. Keep in mind that this method of promotion will be effective only when using well-promoted and popular apps, but the problem is that users of this or that application will not always be your target audience for your online dating application, here you need to carefully choose platforms for advertising.

SEO promotion

The SEO of promoting your application is a very important and integral part of any advertising campaign, as it is a complex of all the components of the success of any advertising.

Now that Google has started showing apps in organic search results, there is a need to apply "classic" SEO to them. We will not talk a lot about this, since we will have to devote a whole separate article to this topic, who will be interested in this information, he will surely find a lot about it on the Internet, but we draw your attention to the fact that in order for the application to appear in the mobile Google search, it must have Google App Indexing installed and it must have a corresponding web page.


Affiliate networks

Affiliate networks, for example, CPA, work as follows: when installing an application, you need to pay the affiliate network for each installation, and it itself determines how you need to accommodate for effective download. The tool is very similar to SEO promotion. But that you practically do not have to apply your own efforts.


A online dating app is a great business project that not only brings money but also benefits to society. Proper advertising and promotion will help you quickly get new users and increase activity. It is important that the functionality of the mobile application is clear, convenient and extensive, then every user will be satisfied. A satisfied customer is a good income.


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