Project: The Blue Leopard Mobile Version

sanaullashaik profile image sanashaik ・1 min read

I have created a mobile version of the Web Page The Blue Leopard.

Some of the CSS Highlights that was learnt while building the Page.

  1. Understanding Cascade - Source Order, Importance, Inheritance, Specificity.
  2. CSS Properties like -
  3. text-transform (to make text uppercase/lowercase)
  4. transition (used to have motion slow while hover on the button )
  5. font-family (used googlefonts, cronos fonts)
  6. margin, padding, text-decoration, display, line-height, font-size, font-weight, width, color, background-image, background, text-align etc.,

Below is a glimpse of the project that was built. Thank you!

Alt Text


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