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Learn to Code in 6 Simple Steps

What can you do with coding? You know you can become a valuable resource to employers or even become a freelance developer. As the coding industry is exploding, learning coding skills has become an increasingly good idea for job security and career success. And the salary levels aren’t bad either. But are you confused about how to start coding ? This is the right article that might help you to get out from your confusion.

Here are the basic 6 steps that helps you to become a good coder.

  1. Know your goals. You must know what do you want to achieve. Set a measurable goal to track your progress as you go.

  2. Learn basic Computer Science. Understand how computers work to write better code and become a better developer.

  3. Choose a Specialization. You have to find something you genuinely enjoy working with and pick your first programing language to learn.

  4. Start an Online Course. Just pick an online course as per your need from websites like udemy, eduonix etc. and start working on your self. It's OK to use a free course but make sure it has plenty of content and practical projects to build something useful.

  5. Try to solve real life problems. Through your learning path, try to build small programs for your daily tasks like program to sort your emails, build something that organize your gallery.

  6. Build a meaningful project. Start building your portfolio which showcase relevant information about you, about your projects and include everything that show your problem-solving skills.


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