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Sander Visser
Sander Visser

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Hi, I'm Sander Visser

I have been coding for 3 years.

You can find me on GitHub as sanderfish and on Twitter as fishsander.

I live in Breda, the Netherlands.

I work for freelance and build my own products (

I mostly program in these languages: Javascript, Ruby on Rails, PHP.

I am currently learning more about PHP (Craft CMS plugins) and Vue.js.

Nice to meet you.

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Peter Kim Frank

Hey Sander, nice to meet you and thanks for joining.

Noticed a lot of members in the Netherlands, so hopefully we can help organize a meetup someday.


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Sander Visser Author

Hey Peter! Thanks for the warm welcome.

I've been following the discussions and articles on Twitter for a while but I must admit – it's the stickers that got me to sign up.

A meet up here in the Netherlands would be super fun! I'm looking forward to meet everyone here in the forums.