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Sell courses on Android app in Google Play

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So I am creating app which will allow you to purchase some nutrition based courses. Unfortunately I am unable to find clear description on how to integrate payments.

Not from technical point of view. Can I choose some payment gateway like PayPal, Stripe or whatever or do I need to choose In-App purchases from google play?


Found this article ->

Actually Spotify was the one which was giving me doubts and they are mentioned. That on iPhone you cannot buy premium within the app, but can sign in on browser, pay there and then come back to app.

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No, all payments must go trough Google Store so they could get their 30% tax.
If you sell offline or have the Coupon option they will remove your app.

This is the case on all platforms (Apple, Steam, Facebook web ...)


Updated my post, probably I will create web + applications, where you can sign in and pay from any place, pay price + x% on app or, pay price from web.

Let's see how it goes.

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