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How I learn Golang in 3 days

In this post, we will talk about Go, I will share with you some resources, opinions, and recommendations that were so util for me.

And I know that you are thinking something, Yes! I know that the title of this post is a little bit clickbait, but, WAIT!

I can explain to you if this is really true or not.
So, let's begin.

How I achieve that?

Well, I cannot tell that I domain Go, but in 3 days I feel so good with the results.
In these 3 days, my study routine was like 4 hours per day, like 3 hours reading the docs or watching courses and at the time coding and the other hour is experimenting the learned with the curious things that I need know if works on Go.
And now, I feel so good to start some little projects to win a lot of experience.

Why the title?

The title can be completely fake if is your first language, don't worry if this is your case, you can learn same this amazing language but in more time :), so...

What happens with the people that have a little bit of experience in others programming languages?

I believe that maybe you know the answer. Obviously, this will be easier, because you only need to learn a new syntax, you don't need to learn again the logic that for the 99% of the people this can be the most difficult part when you are learning at the beginning.
So, again, the title no is literally but will tell you what things you can learn in 3 days after that what you can do.

In 3 days this you can learn

3 days, this would sound a little bit crazy but is possible to learn the necessary to after that search for a job (Nah, I'm just kidding 🤣)
Well, now out of joking after that you can start making your own projects and with the time be a master in go, but before I will tell you the things that you need learn (I recommend you the same order):

  • Variables
  • Primitives
  • Constants
  • Arrays and Slices
  • Maps and Structs
  • If and Switch Statements
  • Looping
  • Defer, Panic, and Recover
  • Pointers
  • Functions
  • Interfaces

After that, you can start making some projects simple API's and more things!

Honestly, for me, the most difficult of these topics are the Pointers and the Interfaces I recommend you take a lot of attention to these topics, if you study a lot you will understand too well.


Some very good resources that I recommend FOR FREE

Thank you for reading this post

I hope that this post was nice for you, Please, if you like this post leave a heart and follow me here and on my github

Note: English is not my main language, so if I have some mistake please leave me a comment and without fears, tell me :)

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Lane Wagner

I recently released some courses you can audit for free, goal is to learn golang quickly in an interactive setting. It's really hard to learn without writing real code!

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