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The Basics of Web Development

saqibs3291 profile image Saqib Suleman ・1 min read

So, after an introduction to the course and also the Internet, which I think I had a pretty good idea about how it worked but got to learn some new things anyway. After learning about the Front-End and Back-End of the development, I decided that I wanted to work on the Front-End web development and HTML, CSS and JavaScript is actually the basic codes on which this development works. The difference between these three pillars of the web development was explained comprehensibly by the instructor that the HTML is the noun, CSS is the adjective and JS is the verb of the programming language.

In other words, HTML being the content of the webpage which our browser shows, CSS being the aesthetic of the webpage and JS is the verb meaning the function that webpage executes. We'll be learning all of these section one by one starting with HTML.

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