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Need Some Great Blogs for DevOps

If you are a DevOps professional looking to get more involved or further your learning, or just looking for some entertaining, insightful content, we wanted to put together a list of 5 great blogs for DevOps. And, we know we missed some, so feel free comment and share what other blogs should be on here!

A few great blogs that we think you might find valuable: – Dave Farley and Jez Humble run this site. Jez is a principal consultant for Thoughtworks consulting firm that specialize in Agile and DevOps methodologies. Dave is an early adopter of agile/DevOps practices and has been tinkering with computers for 30 years. This blog has a lot of great information on continuous delivery and DevOps.

IT Revolution Press – Gene Kim is the author of The Phoenix Project: A Novel about IT, DevOps, and Helping Your Business Win and has a blog that focuses on case studies and reviews DevOps software. There is a wealth of information here for you to peruse.

DevOps Reactions – This Tumblr based site is the Dilbert of DevOps. If you need a laugh when you are knee deep in continuous deployment, this is the place to go. The site is a funny look at issues that you can certainly relate to if you are in a DevOps role.

DevOpsGuys – The DevOps Guys are Steve Thair and James Smith. James is the Dev guy and Steve is the Ops guy and together they are the DevOps Guys; this blog is great for learning about how development and operations come together to “deliver better software faster. The latest blog post talks about why the development process is broken and why companies will invest in DevOps and continuous delivery. This site has great info-graphics as well if you like to learn in this manner.

Dev2ops – Damon Edwards is co-founder of DTO solutions; he focuses on DevOps and the cloud. His blog has lots of videos if you like learning from videos as opposed to heavy reading.

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