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BloggerCMS - An Static Blog Generator CMS

In the last post, I had mentioned about BloggerCMS which is used to build this very blog. BloggerCMS is dead simple CMS that can be used to create fully functional static blogs. Although there are quite some static site generators out there but I created BloggerCMS because I was missing these features in any of those static site generators:

  • Web interface that allows me to create blog posts, add pages and more instead of writing blog posts manually in bunch of different text files
  • Markdown editor with live preview feature so that I don't have to type Markdown syntax myself
  • I needed a true blog generator instead of generic/advanced site generator

Those three things are the driving force why I created BloggerCMS. Here is complete list of features of BloggerCMS as of now:

  • Graphical User Interface - manage your site via a browser
  • File-based - no database required
  • Truly Static - no server-side languages needed
  • Portability - copy, move, backup or version control your site easily
  • Integrated Markdown Editor - no need to know Markdown
  • Built-in Images Manager
  • Disqus Commenting System
  • Search Posts Feature
  • Pagination
  • Responsive Layout - get started easily with the included responsive layout
  • RSS Support
  • Sitemap Support
  • Google Analytics
  • Code Highlight Support
  • Tags Cloud Support
  • Social Follow Section
  • Categories Section
  • Archives Section

To know more about BloggerCMS, head over to it's blog or see introductory post.

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