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Cute Me Up Android App

Sarfraz Ahmed
Hello, I am Sarfraz Ahmed, a self-taught programmer from Karachi, Pakistan mainly involved in PHP, MySQL, HTML/CSS, JavaScript/jQuery for around 10 years now.
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Free, easy-to-use yet powerful photo app provides a set of stunning filters you can use to bring best of you.

Awesome Features:

✴ HD photo processing with fast image rendering
✴ Photo vignette & sharpness effects
✴ Gorgeous photo filters with one-tap auto enhance
✴ Fun stickers & text over the photo
✴ Adjust exposure, contrast, color temperature & saturation
✴ Round corner
✴ Photo crop with chosen aspect ratio
✴ Many bulit-in photo frames
✴ Draw over image
✴ Blur photo backgrounds with a smart selection tool
✴ Share your creativity with friends and family
✴ Support both phones & tablets
✴ And many more

Just make yourself awesome!

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