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While I was having a discussion on Dev.to. I came across this website NoMoreGoogle. So I thought it would be awesome if we can build an extension that will remind people to switch with witty messages whenever they use any of Google's products.


Hey Sarthak,
After reading comments. I created a basic chrome extension on your idea.
Check out the project: github.com/sahil-rajput/SayNoToGoogle
Hope you like it


But that was cool man 😃.
But my Idea is little more complex than this. It's more like suggesting them the alternatives for a particular website as well as adding witty messages in the Google page itself.

Do you like to join in? I have already designed the Frontend.

Verison 1

This is looking great.
I would love to be the part of this project but my end semesters exam are going on so I will not be able to put the efforts :)


@Sarthak Sharma Hi, thanks for this awesome list. I also make lots of menu bar apps, one of those is Almighty producthunt.com/posts/almighty, a tool to enable powerful configurations for macOS


Hey Sarthak! Could you give a little more detail to the open source project you had in mind to get more interest going?

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