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Sarthak Sharma on January 02, 2019

Hello Productive folks !! πŸŽ‰ Welcome to 2019 πŸŽ‰ The Todo list is a super essential step for anybody to enter the realm of productivity. Most of u... [Read Full]
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I am a heavy user of Google services (mainly due to the integration of tools) so I use the built in ToDo feature of Gmail. If I place a date on an item the item is then added to my calendar (that I also use daily). Not the fancies but it keeps the list in front of my eyes as a constant reminder of what I need 'to do'.

to do


Never knew about that feature! Thanks for sharing. I'm a big fan of Google Keep but it can be a bit inflexible.


Usually, I like my tech, but I do best when I keep it analog. Over the years I've created my own sort of shorthand for to-do lists.


I use circles in a similar manner for appointments and meetings, as well as a star system for importance:

  • * = important
  • ** = very important
  • *** = ridiculously important
  • FTLG = "for the love of God" -- usually for tasks I've been avoiding

Notebook: Leuchtturm 1917 with dotted grid. I used to use the "Whitelines" edition, but the Whitelines only has one bookmark ribbon sewn into the spine. The ordinary version has two bookmark ribbons, which is more useful for me since I frequently flip back and forth.

Writing implement: Fisher Space Pen with black grid and Rite in the Rain refills. (The black grid design seems to no longer be available affordably, but there's also a gold grid version which costs about what I paid for mine.) I've been on a mechanical pencil kick lately though.


I use the rapid logging version, circles, too because I could never draw a consistent box when I was rapidly writing things down.


Yeah, I frequently end up with "off-kilter" boxes. Using dot grid paper helps. I struggle with perfectionism though, so when I end up with triangles and odd trapezoids I try to just roll with it as long as they don't obscure the meaning of what I'm trying to write down.


I use a very simple analog checklist system where I just write down the things I eventually need to do, tag them with a few symbols, and make sure I resolve them as soon as possible. If something stays open for long I force myself to re-write further ahead of the notebook to re-think its importance or I just drop it.

The few icons I use are:

  • Little todo checkbox for normal tasks
  • ❗ next to the box for urgent issues
  • βœ” for completed
  • ❌for canceled
  • > for migrated (meaning it was ether rewritten further ahead or in other form)

I'm still evolving it as I need but I think keeping it as simple as possible is what is making me stick with it.


My system is basically the same as this with an extra question mark sign/icon for important questions that I have to answer later.

Simple and analog rocks!


The Microsoft Launcher for Android has a basic to-do list built-in that I prefer, which I use mostly for personal tasks or for setting a notification time on reminders. I don't need to sync it to other devices or maintain a rich history of past tasks, and nits right on my homescreen so it works perfectly for me, even if it is pretty basic.


I love this launcher, been using it for years. Highly customizable, a lot of great hidden features, and just overall a really solid, well-built and well-thought-out launcher.


Been meaning to try the MS Launcher on my device for a while. Now I have another reason to. Thanks!


I've been using Todoist for a while and I'm quite happy with it. It has everything I need, a nice interface, and cross-platform compatibility so I can quickly add/review tasks whether I'm on my phone or my computer. I have the browser extension on both Firefox and Vivaldi. :D
This is what my to-do list looks like.


I also use Todoist. Recently I wrote a blog post about how I use Todoist and Google Calendars to plan my days.


I use Trello. Got inspired by another post here on

I basically use it to collect everything and then have a schedule where at the start of the week I plan my week with the tasks in other boards


I was waiting for someone to mention Trello πŸ˜ƒ


Yeah, I also thought at least someone should have mentioned it by now.


I'm a big fan of TiddlyWiki - it serves as my todo list/personal wiki/developer journal. It's super customizable, which can sometimes prevent me from checking off some of the items on my todo list =)


I use Microsoft Todo and define a big task like "Redesign Homepage" and then make speficif subtasks like "Save old data", "Consider new Stack", ... With that system I not only plan out the task, but also can check progess. If I want to remind myself of something I also use a task on Microsoft Todo, but if it's something regular I use Alexa.
If I start a new project I make a list just for that project, so the Tasks may look like this

  • Daily list
    • Get groceries
  • Important list
    • Phone physician for results
  • Project 1
    • Redesign UI
      • Compare other UI's
      • Consider new Design language
      • ....
  • Project 2
  • Project 3

I use Dynalist to keep track of everything. The moment I think of something I need to do, I write it down a bullet point. This can be a simple as "remember to remove X off JSON payload" or as complicated as "write an api route that does Y." All bullet points go on the same level. They get crossed off when complete and every couple days at random I clear the completed tasks.


Cool, that's like a digital simplified Bullet Journal. πŸ˜›


For long I've been using bullet journel for my ToDo lists. But as you mentioned on Medium everyone changes their journel style after a while. The Purpose Book do a great job keeping tabs of my ToDo's.
So now my ToDo list look like this:-

Top 3:-

  • Add Facebook Login.
  • Add Twitter Login.
  • Finish My Page Design.


  • Meeting with Eva on 14:00.
  • Post an article on


  • Complete DevOps


  • Become skillful Full Stack Developer

I use the basic rapid logging version of the Bullet Journal.

I eventually plan on learning some shorthand and coming up with a few symbols to help me out.

I used to have a work notebook and another one for my life but I found it easier to use one for both as long as I don't log any sensitive company info.


I use for todo and my development diary, I tried soo many todo apps but checkvist is a web app that I can use anywhere and it has keyboard shortcuts for everything, just as I want it. I use one list per project and also a developer diary list that I use like this:


I use color coding to mark if a task has been completed, I change it to blue when it is done, before I used strikethrough but that made it harder to read so I changed it to blue color.


That's cool and mentioned twice here. Will surely check it out.


I just wanted to bring up this Kanban board method since I see people talking about Trello.

John Sonmez of Simple Programmer, now Bulldog Mindset, once put out a video of how he schedules his week using a Kanban board.

I tried this for a while but I wasn't able to keep on top of it. Other than that I really liked the idea and used Asana to do it since it has reoccurring cards.


I bounce around with using the Bullet Journal method, though that's mainly because I dislike the Index. I'd prefer to compartmentalize ideas rather than keep a free-flowing stream of thought and just bookmark where each theme ended up. And threading is terrible to follow; it feels like a choose your own adventure game.

So instead of having a notebook of todos and various notebooks of project things and schoolwork, I was going to for 2019 have a page-a-day planner for meetings and todos for today's work and keep post its for short-term stuff (within a week) and a notebook for long-term stuff (tech debt list o doom, projects).

First planner had December in it, but doing December made me see the paper was like tissue. Second planner was better but by January 2nd the bleed through of rollerball ink bothered me.

I can understand fountain pen inks bleeding since most at least heavily ghost on Moleskine or LT1917 paper, but this was legit bleeding through when using a rollerball on the Moleskine planner and it was dumb.

My Filofax arrives tomorrow πŸ˜‚ At least the binder system should fix the Index issue for me and I might fall back into proper bullet journaling. Most of 2018 was just me writing things after I did them so I'd know what to say in stand up the next day.


I totally understand your story. A good notebook and pen are very important for a successful journalling system. Also, for most of the folks around, Bullet journal is just the starting point. After a while, we all end up creating our own version of bullet journal. Mine is called Purpose Book.😊


I give myself 2 tasks a day.

I may add an extra one if both get completed early in the day.

Google Keep App works fine for me.


I honestly use a calendar to time block my to-dos. I haven't gotten mine organized yet for my current goals, but I would love to post here once I get that up :)


Einstein used to say β€œGreat ideas come so rarely, I have no issue to keep them in mind.”

Everything else deserves to be forgotten.


Nothing complicated. Trello for personal stuff, Jira for work-related stuff

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