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How to increase the interactivity of an app?

Interactivity plays a crucial role in the success of an application. Every aspect in which an app interacts with the users has an impact on their experience. Do you know even the time at which the users receive a notification has an impact?

As per a survey, 27% of people like to receive notification in the morning, 38% in the afternoon and 34% in the evening. As an entrepreneur, you will have to focus on these preferences of customers to get them glued to your apps.

App interactivity

Apart from notifications, there are some other factors too which affect the interactivity of an app. Here are these points:

Make your apps smooth to use:

How will a user interact with your app if they do not understand it? Therefore, it is crucial to make your app simple to understand and convenient to navigate. Make sure, the user never gets confused while using your app.

Understand the psychology of your users:

It is not tough to know what your users want. Like it was found in the survey about notification time preference as mentioned above. After knowing this, you will make sure to send a notification to users according to their preferences. All you need to do is understand the users’ choices.

Stimulate the emotions of users

Let your users think and attach. Emotions in humans can make them do anything and using an app is very little. When you create an interactive app, you let them get motivated to use your app more.

interactivity of apps

The above-mentioned factors that affect the interactivity of the app are not enough to make your app successfully interactive. One question is still unanswered, how will you add the right amount of interactivity to your apps? Many businesspersons have asked me for ways to make an app interactive. The answer is simple ~ MAKE YOUR APPS INTERACTIVE.

But Interactive apps here do not mean you will have to make business policies around it. In fact, it is a kind of application which is known as a Single-page application. These apps give interactivity in ways other apps can never provide.

Top-notch companies have opted for single-page applications to ensure optimum user experience. A few examples of successful SPAs are Twitter, Gmail, Google maps, Whatsapp, etc.

SPAs have become a way to not only make your apps interactive but also successful. Here comes your role when you will have to intertwine with the job of your custom app developers and decide what kind of app you want.

Before deciding whether you should opt for a single-page application or not, let us understand the actual meaning of these apps and why they are called as interactive apps.

Meaning of Single-Page application:

single page apps

The applications which rewrite a page without leaving it are known as Single-page application. SPA presents a single home page to the user with which they interact. The same page gets reloaded depending upon the interactions by the user.

Whenever a user clicks a tab on the HTML page, the new content is generated with the help of Javascript. The DOM elements of the existing page are manipulated with Javascript. Unlike the traditional multi-page apps, SPAs do not follow the architecture where HTML pages are linked to the server and downloaded and displayed from scratch upon interaction.

When the server does not have to reload the new page, again and again, the loading speed of the application also increases. This had lead to the drastic increase in popularity of SPAs that today every top-notch brand relies on single-page apps.

Apart from the high loading speed, SPAs have many other benefits too. Let’s talk about these benefits to understand why they are called interactive apps.

Single-page web apps are called interactive apps because

Benefits of SPAs #1: Responsive and fast

As mentioned above, the SPAs do not reload the entire page which speeds up the loading speed of the applications. According to Google Research, if an app takes more time to load, it adversely affects its sales and overall business. In the case of SPAs, some elements are loaded only once during their lifespan. Their scrolling nature makes them perfectly responsive and a preference for mobile users.

how to make apps interactive

Benefits of SPAs #2: Better User experience

Another reason behind the popularity of SPAs is their ability to provide a simple user experience. The user never gets confused while using these apps. This is because they offer smooth scrolling and transition which trace the users’ journey seamlessly. While using SPAs, the users do not have to click the never-ending links which offers impeccable convenience.

Benefits of SPAs #3: Easy debugging

Single-page applications are developed on frameworks like Angular and React. These frameworks have their own developer tools to debug for chrome. This makes debugging in SPAs easy in comparison to the multi-page applications. It is also easy to monitor network operations as well as data with SPAs.

Benefits of SPAs #4: Cache data efficiently

Do you know what is cache? It involves storing data so that the future requests are met on-time. The apps that have incredible caching capabilities as they only send one request to the server and save all the data it receives. The stored data can be fetched by the user even when they are offline or in a low network area.

Pro Tip:

Which is the best programming technology to develop SPAs?


The best and most-used programming technology to develop SPAs is Angular. It is a Javascript framework. The major behind this popularity is the angular router, NgModule. It allows redirection to a new page without leaving the home page loaded in the beginning.

Routing with angular serves the main purpose of the SPA. It creates URLs to take users (upon their selection of content) to a new page without leaving the HTML page they first loaded. Unlike other routers, the Angular router serves more purposes than moving between different views of the app.

Final words:

Undoubtedly, these benefits serve one single purpose of “offering a smooth and seamless user experience”. All you will have to do is instruct web app developers to build a single-page web app using Angular like Gmail, Whatsapp, Facebook, etc.

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