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It’s a brave new world - Parse Server V3 is here!

Major news dear friends - Parse Server V3 is now available on SashiDo with all its sweet perks! You all have been asking eagerly for this upgrade and we’re extremely happy to deliver what was promised and much more.

The past few months we were focused on releasing some big features like Engine, High Availability, Builds and Deployments so it took us a while to introduce Parse Server V3, but trust me the wait was worth it!

Today we’re not just giving you the option to upgrade to a new version, but we’re allowing you the flexibility to choose from 3 of them - v2.8.4, v.3.0.0, and the latest v.3.1.3. And exclusively for SashiDo customers, we have made sure your apps are equipped with some special protection powers injected directly into their Cloud Code.

Who said changes are scary? It’s time for a smooth and easy transition!

What’s new?

Each new version comes with quite a few beneficial upgrades, bug fixes, and improvements. From Cleaner Cloud Code that will definitely take your work to the next level, to really efficient search on text fields with Full-text Queries and Live Query CLPs handled without having to access the Database, all this and much more is waiting for you to take advantage of.

To check out what are the other highlights please see What’s new in the Era of Parse Server v3 and to see a full list of changes in a historical order you can always have a look at the parse-community GitHub.

The Transition

You might have heard already that V3 includes some pretty rough breaking changes. That would mean that in order to migrate you’ll have to spend quite some time re-writing and re-deploying your whole business logic. Finally, while upgrading you need to make sure all the services are kept up and running. Sounds like a lot of effort and costs, huh?

Worry not, SashiDo has taken care to make the transition process an effortless and low-cost journey. All you need to do is follow the guidance in this great tutorial - Fearlessly upgrading your SashiDo app from Parse Server v2 to v3. We have given you a simple step-by-step instruction on how to jump between the versions and reduce risks to a minimum from switching to the latest version.

And now the greatest part, SashiDo has put on a unique compatibility layer to your Cloud Code to allow you a migration at your own pace. Yes, that means you get the sweet stuff without necessarily sweat around the full application rewrite and most of all without excessive expenditure of time and money. We thought you'd like that! :)


We can’t wait to see all the magic you’ll do with all those possibilities that Parse Server V3 is bringing. SashiDo’s Team will be available for you every step of the way to guide and support you or just to hear your feedback. Ask and share away, but most of all Enjoy this brave new world of opportunities!

Happy coding!

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