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Laravel Multiple Choice Questions

Laravel is the most popular PHP framework that is used by hundreds of thousands of developers around the world. Laravel facilitates rapid development of web applications, with minimal effort on developers’ part. It has become a clear favourite among developers due to its super simple yet powerful syntax, clean and elegant design and low learning curve.
Finally, published the 10 most popular Laravel Multiple Choice Questions to test your basic knowledge about Laravel.

  • What is the REPL used in Laravel?

  • Which of the following file us used to put database credentials?
    .env - Correct!

  • choose the file extension of the Laravel blade files?

  • Which of the following option is used to queue worker using the command line?
    _php artisan queue:work
    php artisan queue:start
    php artisan queue work

  • Laravel framework is founded by .........?
    Taylor Otwell
    James Gosling

  • Which command is used to flush the application cache?
    php artisan cache:flush
    php artisan cache:clear
    php artisan cache:forget

  • Which command is used to start the Laravel server?
    php artisan start:server
    php artisan create:server
    php artisan serve

  • choose the right command to make a new controller in Laravel?
    php artisan create:controller CatsController
    php artisan new:controller CatsController
    php artisan make:controller CatsController

  • Laravel project runs on which of the following PORT?
    Port 5000
    Port 8000
    Port 3000

  • Choose the right command to roll back migration operation in laravel?
    php artisan rollback
    php artisan migration:rollback
    php artisan migrate:rollback

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Robin Bastiaan

Thanks for the article, but the command used to flush the application cache is php artisan cache:clear.

satyam_prg profile image
Satyam Jaiswal

Updated! thank for the help.

robinbastiaan profile image
Robin Bastiaan

No problem. Keep up the good work! 💪🚀🤘