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Remote work opportunities in Japan

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TLDR; Remote job Japan πŸ’»

Scene in Japan

Tokyo dominates job opportunities within Japan for web developers. As a Kansai region person (different region of Japan), it’s rather difficult to find a good company within a reasonable distance from home. On top of that, the companies are quite limited.

Big companies exist in Kansai such as Rakuten, Line, Nintendo (gaming developers), etc. However, for someone who prefers smaller companies, it’s a challenge to find proper opportunities within Kansai. So remote seems to be the way to go.

Moreover, remote work is the inevitable future of developers (and other careers). I have seen many people who would be interested in remote work for various reasons.

Just that Japan takes a bit of time to adapt. This what brings us to this announcement.


I just built a website to collect remote jobs within Japan that have just gone live with multiple Japanese companies offering remote work.

I’d like to thank Kazato Sugimoto and Yohei Yasukawa for the collaboration and getting this to what it is now.

Contribution on GitHub and spreading the word are much appreciated. πŸš€

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Hatem Houssein

Not all do. The website isn’t fully populated yet with the job posts so contribution to populate would be great! πŸ‘

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Avinash Gurung

Sounds interesting for someone like me who have been doing freelance work in Tokyo but do not have business level Japanese language skill.

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Hatem Houssein

Hope it helps you out!