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How to Outsource App Development?

Due to the current market conditions and the economy of scale, IT outsourcing is among the most widely spread services.
Apart from the access to numerous IT resources that are unavailable in-house, cutting down development costs, minimizing time to the market, and redirecting the company’s human resources towards its core customer service activities, there are several reasons why more and more companies start outsourcing mobile software development services.
In this article, we’ll elaborate on the pros and cons of the existing outsourcing options and provide you with five crucial tips to make your outsourcing venture successful.
The Main Paths to Outsource Mobile App Development
Unlike an in-house team, an outsourced team can be quite diverse. Here are three main options available on the market and their brief review:
Having nailed down the pros and cons of each outsourcing app development model, the next step is to find a vibrant pathway to outsource and drive innovation into the company and raise efficiency. Here are some pivotal outsourcing app development tips to do that risk-free.

Tip #1. Whittle Down Your App Idea

Having a clear vision of your product and setting clear expectations will help you find a service provider way easier. The transparency of the project outline is invaluable as the misunderstanding can lead to a different result.
To be as much precise as possible, prepare the answers to the following questions:
What platform will your app be using ⎯ iOS, Android, or both?
What is the key concept of your app? What is it going to be used for?
What are the essential app features and what are the additional ones?
What is your mobile app monetization strategy?
Would it be a native or a hybrid app?

Tip #2. Evaluate Your Budget

Depending on the budget you allocate for the mobile app, the agencies at your disposal can vary, sometimes drastically. Despite the common misconception, the rate of freelance developers and those of outsourced may not make such a vast difference. But it’s still feasible to find an outsourcing app development company providing services at a reasonable price and delivering high-quality products.

Tip #3. Do the Market Research

Once the company decided to outsource mobile app development, it’s highly important to find a reliable partner and to make sure that all the requirements and expectations are met on both sides at the very beginning. The geography and communication channels also matter.
Traditionally, there are three kinds of providers: onshore (located in the same country), nearshore (located in the countries close to yours), and offshore (located far away, the time difference is significant). However, some companies choose offshore developers (Eastern Europe, India, etc.) as their average rate is lower.
To cut risks of being misled, visit the official page of the potential partner, browse the works presented in the portfolio and the companies they collaborated with, their tech-stack, partners, check their rate on such data-driven field guide platforms as Clutch if possible.

Tip #4. Set Up a Trial

Setting up a trial period is a wise choice that will help you understand whether this development team is the best match for your project. The trial period can vary from two to four weeks depending on the task complexity. Such a practice is beneficial for both sides as it prevents you from spending a lot upfront and provides the outsourcing company a chance to show their best services and time management.

Tip #5. Maintain Clear Communications with Your Partner

Provide your development partner with a chance to pitch in their suggestions and opinions on your project as they are likely to have more app development expertise. After all, it’ll help you avoid irrelevant features and save money.
Ask your developer about a project plan to set the project’s milestones and keep track of the progress.
Remember, that for a smooth development process, communication and responsiveness are key, especially for outsourcing app development. It’s pivotal to create a question-free atmosphere to leverage trust and cut down on revisions, conflicts, and extra costs.
Outsourcing App Development: Summing Up
To make the most out of the outsourced app development, make it clear you know your goals, upsides and downsides of various app development options, current market state, and its demands and innovations. Make sure you pose the right questions and set clear expectations.
Remember that your choice will solely depend on the type of app you’d like to build, the scope of work, and the budget as every single project builds an understanding of what suits best.

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