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Springboot vs. NodeJS

Please note here i'm talking about monolithic application, since we all know when it comes to small and medium scale startup/company tend to get things starting with MVP. Company management trying to get this done without spending so much of money, also within limited time period.

Therefor two or three developers start working on project. Normally one guy for backend, one for web frontend and one for mobile app depending on the requirement.

So people start using NodeJS and let's assume we have healthy project after initial release. But things gets dirty and hackey when code getting bigger and bigger. So this is the point that we need to think about decoupling things into small small services.

I know we should design system initially to accommodate future changes. And we should use necessary design patterns to keep things clean and straight forward. But i think when we use dynamically typed language like javascript we have much freedom over language like java. But that freedom lead us to rabbit hole.

I think debate title should be change as strongly typed and dynamically type. But i will keep the title as it is because i would love to see suggestions and experience from you regarding those two frameworks.

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Di Wu

What about incrementally adopting Typescript within your team?
Javascript that scales. is their main selling point.
Checks type with the compiler, and you don't have start all over.