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Arpit Mishra
Arpit Mishra

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[Webinar] How to build Clubhouse like app?

If you are an #engineering enthusiast, this webinar is for you!

100ms's webinar brings you unconventional wisdom from engineering leaders of top global organizations around the globe.

In our first webinar, Kshitij Gupta (CEO at 100ms, Ex-Facebook, Ex-Hotstar) Sarvesh Dwivedi (VP Engineering at 100ms, Ex-Hotstar) and Sagar Gaonkar (Senior EM at 100ms, Ex-Hotstar) to understand the challenges that engineering teams across domains face while building audio/video conferencing.

In this webinar, we walk you through the inner workings of #clubhouseapp and how it is different from a live broadcast system like #facebooklive

Link ->

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