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Raisensu: A Lightweight License Management Application

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Hello! I want to brag about a little application I wrote called Raisensu. Raisensu is a lightweight license management solution that allows System Administrators to track licenses in a small to medium sized enterprise.

The idea behind Raisensu was pretty simple - not every application needs a full stack front end web application with a robust and complex backend. Raisensu is lightweight in the sense it operates purely at the commandline level. It supports High Availability between monitoring services (Linux only). Raisensu has the capability of being pure stateless or a stateful application.

The backend is pretty simple. A single table is used to store licenses. Raisensu supports two backend databases: SQLite3 and Postgresql.

It's easy to get started with Raisensu; it only takes a few commands!

Raisensu is supported on both Linux and Windows. The benefit to running on Linux is having High Availability support with the monitoring tool. A service file can be created easily to enable HA.

As a note, I'm not a programmer by trade. I develop small applications to keep up with basic knowledge and terminology for future expectations in my job. If you see any bugs or want to add something please open up a feature. If you want to contribute you can issue a PR.

I hope this application can serve you well :)

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