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Nick Schwaderer
Nick Schwaderer

Posted on is one of the best open-source Rails apps you can contribute to

This week the Ruby on Rails podcast released episode 301, which I was very lucky to be a part of.

On the episode Brittany Martin and I talked about several topics, including ParisRB and combating imposter syndrome with chess and bodyPUMP.

Also, I went on at length about the source code on Github. For those who don't know, this application is primarily a Ruby on Rails backend.

As a bonus, it handles millions in monthly traffic and is a very mature, elegant application. It hooks into tooling such as Algolia and Pusher, and other very interesting technologies. The most beautiful part is it's open source.

That means if you've been working on Rails webapps for anywhere from 1-10 years, it's a fantastic and evolving codebase to explore and learn.

Never written a publicly accessible API before? Just have a look at how it's been architected for!

Unsure about notification handling on a large scale for the first time? Fear not- there's a great example to be had here!

Very often people look to Discourse (another fantastic open source Rails app)- but if you're really looking to upskill from Junior to Middleweight or Middleweight to Senior as a Rails developer, working through this codebase could be the boost you need!

Check out the episode:

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Daniel Kassen

I’m in. I had no idea. Thank you for sharing!

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Nick Schwaderer

It’s awesome isn’t it! :) great codebase

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Leni Kadali Mutungi

For future readers of this post, the Ruby on Rails podcast episode referenced is now here:

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Enow B. Mbi

Thanks for sharing. I'll definitely explore it.