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🔥 Interactive Scientific Programming Courses — Bundle

The Platform

The Scientific Programming School ( platform is powered by Digital Ocean’s multiple droplets (VPS) with a highly scalable design (read our devlogs). With 50+ languages- all set for you from Python, C/C++ OpenMP, MPI, C#, Java, Perl to Matlab, R, Swift, Kotlin and so on, you don’t fiddle with SDKs and IDEs at this time!

Start learning Linux and Devops immediately. It‘s all setup for you in all three flavors of Linux- Ubuntu, RHEL and SuSE. Just click on the terminal window and get a console! Also includes easy to understand animated videos all around, also includes HD terminal captures and so on. All videos are encrypted, self-hosted and optimised for your best viewing experience.

Introducing the Scientific Programming Courses — Bundles

Why? Because we believe sharing knowledge is the most wonderful human capability - a powerful and generous way to give back and change the world for the better!

Bundle offer

Your support will allow us to focus more on the platform: new features, bug fixes, community support etc., and it also will help to pay the server bills, CDN spaces and backup costs. Learn with the most advanced code playground.

What’s included?

A course bundle purchase will enable you enrol to all the current courses at just one price. Anything published after the bundle is purchased won’t be included, but you may re-purchase the new courses/ bundle anytime. If you are not happy, we’ll offer you 100% refund! We plan to offer a new bundle each month and seasons.

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Scientific Programming School — An Advanced and Interactive Learning Platform

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