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Great article Paul!

I see you value a more fully featured, descriptive commit message. I've worked with a few developers who really push for short, punchy commit messages of <40 characters. I guess the logic is that it will be quick and easy to scan in future but in my opinion, often times you just can't convey what you need to convey in that short of a message.

Another thing I would say is it's important to know when to put something in a commit message and when to put it in project documentation. Sometimes I'll find myself writing something in the commit message and I'll read it back and realise it's much better suited to go in the or similar.


Ideally you'd do both: a concise commit subject that summarises the whole change, and a commit body that explains the why of your change. The body is something people will rarely read, but they'll really appreciate it when it answers their questions (they've likely come to your commit message to clarify something).

eg. this commit.

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