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Ross Henderson
Ross Henderson

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Web UI Standards

Hi all,

I'm looking for some resources to read on the standards a web app/website should consider. We are already looking at improving the accessibility of the application and are following a W3 guide on that, but I think we need a bit of guidance for standard UI practice. For example: do people prefer "sign in" or "login", "forgot password" or "Need help logging in?", etc.

Any advice would be useful, but any resources I can read up on would be ideal. Cheers all!

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Michel Renaud

The answers to such questions will differ and it's likely none of them will be right or wrong. "Be consistent" is a rule of thumb. Refer to the same things with the same wording all over.

I often check out User Experience on Stack Exchange as they touch a lot of those questions over there, and you can get the reasoning from people with different backgrounds:

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Ross Henderson

Thanks for the suggestion, I'll have a look :)

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I found this awesome article about UI/UX for different types of forms:

Hope this helps!